Paid Positive Review Update/Banned Reviews Still There?

This is an update because some stuff has happened. Shoot Shoot Reload has seen an insane increase of views on The Not Very “Good Review” and we’re fucking loving it!

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HonorTheCall’s Videos are Gone All of a Sudden

HonorTheCall skyrocketed in subscribers because of the channel’s coverage of the CSGO gambling bullshit that happened this year. Now, his videos seem to be gone. In a tweet he recently informed a user that he was working on seeing what was going on.

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To My Facebook Friends Sharing “We Happy Few” Videos

We Happy Few, developed by Compulsion Games, looks really cool. It’s got a Brave New World and 1984 type vibe to it with the atmosphere and the drug “joy.” The problem is that the game isn’t finished. I’ve seen a lot of my friends share videos of the game on Facebook and even tag me.  I’m beginning to think that people are unclear on what this game is and what it is not.

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