Shooters that Come Fully Loaded

Recently I’ve been noticing more games that seem built around not being complete. I’m not the only gamer that has noticed this. Jim Sterling of the Jimquisition has noticed this for years. Most recently Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 became the topic of one of his videos. The main point of the video dealt with how the game is worth the asking price. It doesn’t seem to be marketed with insane micro transactions and even lacks a season pass. Far Cry: Primal did the same thing. Both of these games come from companies that have had some very rough launches over the past few years. Ubisoft has become the topic for many gaming jokes. Electonic Arts has been derided many times over micro transactions and incomplete messes (e. g. Star Wars: Battlefront). I understand that developers need to make money, but given how much can be missing from games when they launch the price they are selling at does not equal most people’s value based system. Sure, games will be purchased sometimes because of graphics, but The Order: 1886 is a great example of how high production values cannot be held up with poor gameplay and a plethora of QTEs.

I recently took the opportunity to try out Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. I found myself pleasantly surprised at what was in the package. Even using Origin Access, a service I am unsure on my conclusion of just yet, I found the ten hours I have available plenty of enough time to tell you the game is worth a purchase. For starters the game is vibrant and offers what many people look for in a shooter. That means it’s familiar, but this isn’t a bad thing. Call of Duty is so successful because the series doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel. It understands what it does best and keeps using the tried and true formula every year. What the botanical v. undead shooter does is take these preconceived notions of shooters and uses them while offering a wacky environment/world to fight in. Recently I joked on Facebook that the game offers much more diversity than most games. I stated that there seemed to be only one white person in the whole entire game. It was a joke, but I meant it. I have never seen so much careful detail put into each character. Even the zombie characters that are all the same shade of green for the most part are different. They do different things, they sound different, they wear different things, and this is on top of plant diversity. Each plant has a different look, a different feel, and a different attitude. Kernel Corn is a character that oozes with personality. DsNutzGaming over on YouTube likes to think he’s the stereotypical mafia man when the Corn dons his suit. This serves as an example of how the game can be fun not just to someone like me.

Garden Warfare 2 is a complete game. It is well worth its asking price and offers a variety of choices to have fun. The inclusion of single-player content for both zombies and plants is the icing on the cake. The game took everything the first game did well and did it better. I can’t wait to dive back into this game. I believe I foresee a purchase in the near future.