Demonstration Of Offensive Multiplayer

The DOOM beta is interesting. I’m conflicted because I enjoy it, but I enjoy it for different reasons. I never really played the original DOOM games, but I played Quake and Unreal Tournament extensively. DOOM does not feel like the games before it. It feels coherent, but it feels derivative of so many other shooters. I feel Call of Duty influenced this monstrous thing below….


The taunts and the top three player system feels out of place. The shooting feels awfully weird in the beta due to forced mouse acceleration and the advanced video features are missing. The good news is that the game runs at a constant 60 fps with the default beta settings. At least I could play and be happy with whatever the settings are. My I7 4770K/GTX 970 seem reliable. The performance is nice and with Wolfenstein: The New Order I learned that Bethesda has an engine for their games that locks framerate to 60 and anything above it will create problems. This was apparent in Fallout 4 too. I remember running the game and getting 100+ fps and the game felt fast. So, I can deal with the 60 fps cap.

What can’t I deal with?

Like I said, the game feels derivative of so many other modern shooters on the market. It feels like it is competing with every other shooter out there. In the free market this is expected, but this game would do a lot better if it felt more old school. If the XP system were taken out along with the perks. Everyone should start on a level playing field, but they don’t. The game also features loadouts. Loadouts were made very popular by Call of Duty, especially custom loadouts. Custom loadouts can be found in Doom. It’s fun, but its not DOOM. To be honest, I feel like I’m playing a slower version of Quake. It feels like a poorly realized Quake V. The gameplay and gunplay is fun. The kills are satisfying. The movement is okay. The weapons on map and the demon you can turn into are cool, but it feels all too much. What does this game want to be exactly?

This is a melee kill I got where I crushed the dude’s head. RIP DUDE HEAD.

The melee assassination kills that you can get in the game are cool, but they remind me of Halo 5. Is that a bad thing? Yes and no. PC does not have Halo 5, but a game that feels like Halo is welcomed in my book. The problem arises when we refer back to the title of the game….DOOM. The game should feel like DOOM. Instead, the game feels like a teenager struggling to find identity. The demon idea is the most doom thing in the multiplayer, but even that feels like the killstreak system in Call of Duty. It feels specifically like the gunship

HOLY HELL! I’m a Demon now!

There will be more demons and I’m eager to figure out what they are and how they feel. The demon thing works as a pickup on the map. Once you get it…well the picture above shows you.

Ultimately, what truly made me feel a disconnect with the game was the music and the announcer.

The music:

Credit to : GrizzlyRed

The music is the best part of the beta. I feel like I’m listening to a Trent Reznor soundtrack. The problem is the gameplay feels not as tense as the music. The music is supposed to set tone. This piece feels more suitable for single player. I cannot wait for the single player given the tone this piece sets.

The announcer:

Credit to: HairyManFace

Do you hear the lack of passion in that voice? His passion is nonexistent.

Here is a better announcer someone made:

Credit to: MrBr1ghtsid3


I’m worried about the multiplayer life of this game. Hopefully a few things will be ironed out, but this game releases in about a month. So, I don’t know what to expect in the long run. I do know, however, I will be purchasing this game when it is not $60.


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