Would It Have Been Better if No Man’s Sky Released in Early Access?

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To My Facebook Friends Sharing “We Happy Few” Videos

We Happy Few,¬†developed by Compulsion Games, looks really cool. It’s got a¬†Brave New World¬†and¬†1984 type vibe to it with the atmosphere and the drug “joy.” The problem is that the game isn’t finished. I’ve seen a lot of my friends share videos¬†of the game on Facebook and even tag me. ¬†I’m beginning to think that people are unclear on what this game is and what it is not.

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Games to Play While You’re Waiting for Class (But, Seriously Do Your Homework First)

DIABLO III (Standard Edition + Reaper of Souls)

Diablo III, developed by Blizzard, is a game where you can slaughter a bunch of hellish enemies. On PC it’s a clicking fest and it feels oh so good! It’s a pretty simple game to run, but I don’t advise running it on an Intel HD. There might be Intel HDs that can handle it on low, but I kind of doubt that would be a great experience. The game is a time-sink with many players raking in 1000+ hours. The game offers a great range of difficulties.

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Is a 2DS Worth Buying, or is it Worth Purchasing the “New” 3DS XL?

I recently got back into Nintendo games. I had been away from their games and platforms for a while. My fiance and I got a Wii U together and I do not regret buying that system, but I was more curious about the handheld world. I owned a Gameboy Advanced at one point in my life and I enjoyed it a lot! After purchasing a DSi I couldn’t get into it, but I also tried the “new” 3DS XL in hopes of being pulled back in and found myself distant from the system. So…I got rid of that 3DS. Continue reading

I Got An Ocarina–A Beginner Playing Ocarina of Time Part II

My recent stride in Ocarina of Time came in the form of making it to Hyrule Castle to talk with Princess Zelda. I got an Ocarina before I left the starting area and for a short period of time I just spent time messing around with it. At the time I had no in-game songs learned. I just played random noises that sounded good. I really enjoy how the Ocarina operates on the 2DS and for that matter the 3DS in general. I felt like I was carrying around a small digital instrument.

So…I walked out into the green fields of Hyrule and ¬†made my way to the castle. An owl in a tree greeted me and gave me a short text box of information that was pretty useful. It pointed me toward the castle and off I went.

Upon getting to the drawbridge of the castle/village I was greeted with a sudden shift to night. The drawbridge was brought up and I couldn’t enter. This is when I learned that bad guys seem to come out at night. I think I was fighting enemies that resembled skeletons. They looked like this:


Anyway, I defeated them and at sunrise I was able to get into the kingdom of Hyrule. Once inside I turned and found a door. When I opened that door I was immediately greeted by a room of clay pots.

I immediately broke every pot. I spoke to the guard in the corner who said he was bored and even he told me to break them. At least I have someone to blame if the guards come question me. Although, I don’t think I’ll have to deal with that considering the pots respawn every single time I go out of the room. Too bad I can only get 99 rupees at the moment. I’ve got to figure out a way to upgrade my wallet.

After talking with people around the kingdom I set myself off on a journey to sneak past the guards and find Princess Zelda. I ran into Malon of Lon Lon Ranch and she asked me to find her father who had fallen asleep inside the castle walls. This was before sneaking past the guards. I only failed once, but after that I had no issue with finding my way into the castle walls. This mainly had to deal with how the game has a mechanic that shows you a glimpse of the path you are going to take. It’s not cheating and it’s a very helpful mechanic for beginners like me.

Malon gave me an egg she had been incubating. This egg hatched into a rooster and I used to stir her father from his sleep. He ran off quick enough to leave a dust trail. Man, Malon is gonna let him have it.

I found my way past the guards and to Princess Zelda.

There was a beautiful lullaby playing that Zelda was nice enough to teach me on my Ocarina. She also showed me Ganondorf. He’s the bad guy. I’ve known for a while.

After politely asking for my help in saving the kingdom and if I possessed a green shiny stone I was escorted out by Impa, Zelda’s guard, and then told to go to Death Mountain, home of the Gorons. Joy…I was hoping it would be candy mountain. Impa used a flash/smoke pellet and disappeared.

Well…looks like I’m going to Death Mountain!