Metal Gear Survive Trailer Isn’t What Fans Want

What in the hell is this? Konami, does this look like a Metal Gear game that fans are going to enjoy or is it a cash-grab? Is this the way you recuperate the money Kojima spent on MGSV? I would rather have a chance to get the third act of MGSV or even the music that didn’t make it into MGSV.

Metal Gear Survive looks to be a very plain idea for a Metal Gear game. I hesitate to even call it a Metal Gear game. The dislike bar on YouTube indicates that people are not very happy with this. I can understand why. This is stomping on a beloved series. The way Metal Gear Survive has been pitched labels it as just an unoriginal co-op zombie game. It does look like the game has some sort of story, but I don’t know what to make of it. There is a wormhole in the trailer and it is in an alternate timeline?

Part of me does remain somewhat hopeful. If Konami were smart they might make this a fun purgatory tale. But, with how the trailer makes it look I can’t be too hopeful. This is basically what happened with Umbrella Corps. I’m feel so sad that Kojima’s art has now become this. What the fuck, Konami?



Any thoughts?



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