New Resident Evil 7 Trailer Shows off the Resident Part

So…the new trailer for Resident Evil 7 is looking intriguing. This time we have a VHS of a female character fleeing from a grotesque and creepy pursuer. Some speculation has been thrown around as to who this character might be. A few people I talked to think that it is Ashley Graham of Resident Evil 4 fame. The strangest change to the Resident Evil formula comes in the run-and-hide gameplay. The trailer features a really tense scene where the player had to hide almost in plain-view to avoid the pursuer. This trailer gives the game an Outlast type vibe.

Outlast vibe aside, it is apparent that Resident Evil 7 is returning to the creepy mansion and residential influences. The game decided to go global in Resident Evil 4. Whether you liked that game or not, it is hard to deny that it was the beginning of change for the series. Resident Evil went on to become more action-oriented after 4. With Resident Evil 7 we shift to first-person and found footage horror. Undeniably, it is a lot more scary than the past few games.

This trailer in particular makes me think of the Resident Evil 4 footage that featured a man with a hook hunting Leon in a creepy castle.

Tell me your thoughts below. Does Resident Evil 7 look like it is returning to the former glory of the series or does it look like it’s on its final leg?


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