A Beginner Plays Ocarina of Time 3D–Part 1

I haven’t played much Zelda. I know about how games like Dark Souls borrows conventions from the titles, but I’ve never actually played a Zelda game to completion. I’ve played Bloodborne to completion and it is easily on my list of top ten video games. I have, however, played a tiny bit of Skyward Sword. Now…I didn’t get too far in it simply because there were other games I was playing. Having said that, I’ve always wanted to get into Zelda. One does not, however, just “get into” Zelda. I don’t think it’s a game for everybody. So…I postponed my playing of any Zelda games until I got a 2DS for my recent birthday. I ended up getting Ocarina of Time 3D shortly after. This is my experience playing through the first dungeon.

LOZ experience 1.png

Obviously…I was pretty new to the game. I had no clue where my sword was and I kept going into the Lost Woods to look for a shield. Eventually I did find these things, but I honestly kept returning to the Lost Woods because of the music.

                 OH GOD THAT MUSIC.

I was really weary about purchasing the shield from the shop in the starting area, but since the game definitely doesn’t hold your hand I decided just to go with it. Very few games I play as of recent don’t like to let your hand go. Ocarina of Time does a great job of dropping you into a world and letting you play. It’s a thoughtful design choice and one that ultimately I will look for in other games when I go to review them.

And then there is this guy….


Mido…you’re a grouch. I really hope I don’t have to deal with your grouchy and judgmental ass again.

Oh…there is also the Deku Tree. Apparently Link is being summoned and he finally got his fairy. The Deku Tree has also been cursed and Link is called to cleanse the curse. The lore is fascinating and I want to learn more because I was instantly drawn in. There was no introduction of what or who link was and it felt like a lived-in world. I’m pretty sure the game will keep this up.

After arriving to the Deku Tree I had to go through the first dungeon. This first dungeon taught me a lot of gameplay mechanics, but it taught them to me at an amazing pace. Getting through the dungeon with a torch and a slingshot felt great! Upon slaying the first boss I was elated. I did die two or three times, but it mainly had to do with how unfamiliar I am with the controls on the 2DS. After getting out I was saddened to learn the Deku Tree’s fate was already sealed.

LOZ experience 2.png

Overall, I’m looking forward to playing more and I can’t wait to type out more of my experience.

Anything you’d like to share about your Zelda experiences?


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