Is a 2DS Worth Buying, or is it Worth Purchasing the “New” 3DS XL?

I recently got back into Nintendo games. I had been away from their games and platforms for a while. My fiance and I got a Wii U together and I do not regret buying that system, but I was more curious about the handheld world. I owned a Gameboy Advanced at one point in my life and I enjoyed it a lot! After purchasing a DSi I couldn’t get into it, but I also tried the “new” 3DS XL in hopes of being pulled back in and found myself distant from the system. So…I got rid of that 3DS.

This past birthday I asked for a 2DS. I got one as a gift along with Pokemon X. I had heard a lot of information pointing toward the 2DS as being more comfortable and better than the 3DS. I’m here to say that I agree with that. If you’ve been wondering if you should buy a 2DS because of the price and comfortability….you totally should.


The craze of Pokemon GO! got me wanting a 2DS and I’m sure quite a few people are the same way. A brand new 2DS currently sits at the price of $79.99. Most of the ones you will find in stores will be combo packs. I got the Mario Kart 7 combo, but there is also a Yokai-Watch one as well.

2ds combo.jpg

The “New” 3DS XL is also a good system and I owned one at one point, but ultimately I found it way less comfortable and not a lot of games are exclusive enough for it. The large screen helps and it is something it has over the 2DS and the 3DS. The clamshell design will break over time from extensive use and I find the 2DS has an obvious advantage as the system is built like a Gameboy. It doesn’t fold. Now…it won’t fit into your pocket. I suggest getting a case for 2ds.jpg

The “New” 3DS XL is a system for hardcore players. The 2DS is a much better deal. I say go for it!


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