Games to Play While You’re Waiting for Class (But, Seriously Do Your Homework First)

DIABLO III (Standard Edition + Reaper of Souls)

Diablo III, developed by Blizzard, is a game where you can slaughter a bunch of hellish enemies. On PC it’s a clicking fest and it feels oh so good! It’s a pretty simple game to run, but I don’t advise running it on an Intel HD. There might be Intel HDs that can handle it on low, but I kind of doubt that would be a great experience. The game is a time-sink with many players raking in 1000+ hours. The game offers a great range of difficulties.

Price: $19.99 (standard edition which is the base game that Blizzard launched)

$19.99 (Reaper of Souls Expansion…which I recommend getting because It adds Adventure mode to the mix which is basically the campaign, but with less focus on playing the story. You would use it to keep leveling your character over and over. I told you it’s a time-sink.)


This is another Blizzard title and one many gamers have become well acquainted with.This is a wonderful PC game to play while you’re waiting between classes. It offers some great shooting mechanics and 21 amazing characters. This game can run on systems that have low-specs, but you’d want to make sure you meet the system requirements before attempting to play. The last thing you want is sub-30 fps.

Price: $49.99 (standard edition)

$59.99 (Origins edition, which includes extra skins and other items for some of Blizzard’s other games like Diablo III and World of Warcraft.)


Now this is a game I have yet to personally play, but I will be getting it for the ipad in my house. You basically make decisions as a ruler. There are meters that relate to different stats of your kingdom. If they get too high or too low….you die and then another ruler starts. The game has some great humor and also contains a very interesting things toward the end that show you what dyslexia is like. I’ve heard quite a few people praise the game for having an accurate representation of dyslexia.The game has been touted as a “tinder” type game with its mechanics. You swipe left and right to make decisions. The game is on android, iOS, and PC. Some of the deaths are hilarious. Be prepared to die of choking on your food and also meeting Lucifer.

Price: $2.99 across all platforms.



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