PS4 Slim Leak?


Sony has phased out a lot of their “fat model” playstations.

I recently saw a post in a group I belong to in Facebook of the PS4 slim. The photo comes from NeoGaf ( The unboxing of the PS4 slim sparks questions about how different the system is. It is rounder around the edges and I’m happy to see that considering how many times I poked myself on the current PS4’s corners.

My question is: How is this the slim version. There is a picture where it sits beside a normal PS4 and I don’t see much difference in width at least. If we consider the height I see a difference.

Overall, I like the design. It looks much better in my opinion.

Here are the other photos. All photos belong to Venom Fox of NeoGaf. Link:

EDIT: I noticed that on the box there is a VR ready ad. I’m beginning to think that this PS4 might be linked to PS VR coming out during the holidays. Sony would really split the player base if they are that bold.

I can’t confirm any of it. All photos belong to that NeoGaf thread. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Any thoughts?


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