Paid Positive Review Update/Banned Reviews Still There?

This is an update because some stuff has happened. Shoot Shoot Reload has seen an insane increase of views on The Not Very “Good Review” and we’re fucking loving it!

Full disclosure: I posted the article across a few subreddits and was looking for some views, but I was also looking to see if I could get some action to be taken.

That action seems to be happening. Most every comment has been very positive and I’m flattered to be honest. I’m shaking…not from the caffeine, I swear, no…I’m shaking from the fact I woke up this morning thinking that the views and visitors would just stop. I was content with that.

I started freaking out when the stats were the ones pictured below

Sorry for shitty quality:


But then I ended up with a lot more yesterday.

Views 2.png

Okay…I was happy, but then there is today….

Views 3.png

Now, let’s go to Reddit. I’ve had the most buzz through /r/Steam.


The accounts and associated reviews have been banned for a little bit. So, sometimes in the last 3 months the reviews and accounts were banned.
EDIT: This is what I originally had typed, “This is a good thing. I also will not here that the reviews were still showing up despite being blocked or banned. I just viewed them a few minutes ago and they are now gone. The overall user reviews have dropped because of this. I’m not looking to effect sales or anything here. I’m looking to sift the wheat from the chaff.” Below, you can see updates.

Updated edit: I’ve just chatted more with KillahInstinct and we can both see the reviews still. Is this a glitch or a bug? We don’t know. It’s not a good thing in terms of what we’d like to accomplish. On a few of the games I can no longer see the reviews. Maybe it takes a bit of time?

Views 5.png

User and Steam Community Moderator, KillahInstict, has been amazing on communicating with me and keeping me up to date. Below is proof of his background with and his dedication to Steam.

Views 4.png

I’m very glad people like this exist on Steam.

A little bit of news:

The website will be going into a full website without the .wordpress. in between on September 16th if everyone works out. Please follow us for all the up to date news, opinions, and investigations.


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