Games to Play While You’re Waiting for Class (But, Seriously Do Your Homework First)

DIABLO III (Standard Edition + Reaper of Souls)

Diablo III, developed by Blizzard, is a game where you can slaughter a bunch of hellish enemies. On PC it’s a clicking fest and it feels oh so good! It’s a pretty simple game to run, but I don’t advise running it on an Intel HD. There might be Intel HDs that can handle it on low, but I kind of doubt that would be a great experience. The game is a time-sink with many players raking in 1000+ hours. The game offers a great range of difficulties.

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Is a 2DS Worth Buying, or is it Worth Purchasing the “New” 3DS XL?

I recently got back into Nintendo games. I had been away from their games and platforms for a while. My fiance and I got a Wii U together and I do not regret buying that system, but I was more curious about the handheld world. I owned a Gameboy Advanced at one point in my life and I enjoyed it a lot! After purchasing a DSi I couldn’t get into it, but I also tried the “new” 3DS XL in hopes of being pulled back in and found myself distant from the system. So…I got rid of that 3DS. Continue reading

I Got An Ocarina–A Beginner Playing Ocarina of Time Part II

My recent stride in Ocarina of Time came in the form of making it to Hyrule Castle to talk with Princess Zelda. I got an Ocarina before I left the starting area and for a short period of time I just spent time messing around with it. At the time I had no in-game songs learned. I just played random noises that sounded good. I really enjoy how the Ocarina operates on the 2DS and for that matter the 3DS in general. I felt like I was carrying around a small digital instrument.

So…I walked out into the green fields of Hyrule and  made my way to the castle. An owl in a tree greeted me and gave me a short text box of information that was pretty useful. It pointed me toward the castle and off I went.

Upon getting to the drawbridge of the castle/village I was greeted with a sudden shift to night. The drawbridge was brought up and I couldn’t enter. This is when I learned that bad guys seem to come out at night. I think I was fighting enemies that resembled skeletons. They looked like this:


Anyway, I defeated them and at sunrise I was able to get into the kingdom of Hyrule. Once inside I turned and found a door. When I opened that door I was immediately greeted by a room of clay pots.

I immediately broke every pot. I spoke to the guard in the corner who said he was bored and even he told me to break them. At least I have someone to blame if the guards come question me. Although, I don’t think I’ll have to deal with that considering the pots respawn every single time I go out of the room. Too bad I can only get 99 rupees at the moment. I’ve got to figure out a way to upgrade my wallet.

After talking with people around the kingdom I set myself off on a journey to sneak past the guards and find Princess Zelda. I ran into Malon of Lon Lon Ranch and she asked me to find her father who had fallen asleep inside the castle walls. This was before sneaking past the guards. I only failed once, but after that I had no issue with finding my way into the castle walls. This mainly had to deal with how the game has a mechanic that shows you a glimpse of the path you are going to take. It’s not cheating and it’s a very helpful mechanic for beginners like me.

Malon gave me an egg she had been incubating. This egg hatched into a rooster and I used to stir her father from his sleep. He ran off quick enough to leave a dust trail. Man, Malon is gonna let him have it.

I found my way past the guards and to Princess Zelda.

There was a beautiful lullaby playing that Zelda was nice enough to teach me on my Ocarina. She also showed me Ganondorf. He’s the bad guy. I’ve known for a while.

After politely asking for my help in saving the kingdom and if I possessed a green shiny stone I was escorted out by Impa, Zelda’s guard, and then told to go to Death Mountain, home of the Gorons. Joy…I was hoping it would be candy mountain. Impa used a flash/smoke pellet and disappeared.

Well…looks like I’m going to Death Mountain!

Blizzard’s “The Last Bastion” Short Demonstrates How Important Non-Verbal Communication Is

Blizzard has some astounding shorts pre-Overwatch and post-Overwatch, but “The Last Bastion” might just be my favorite. This short tells us more about Bastion through his interactions with a little bird that finds him in the wilderness. The most interesting parts of the trailer come from Bastion’s non-verbal interactions. Neither the bird or Bastion can talk. We have to rely on a series of beeps that we can’t exactly translate and other physical actions. Ultimately, what we have in this short is pure gold. The way that Bastion reacts to the bird with caring compassion and the way he reacts during a PTSD-esque scene is quite remarkable. There are no words and the animations are spot on.

The PTSD scene in particular shows that Bastion is a weapon and he can mow down a forest if he wants to. It really made me feel for his character. He’s not human, but he is a pretty advanced robot. We can gather this from how he reacts to the bird. The bird starts building a nest on Bastion’s shoulder. Ultimately, Bastion wants to help the bird build the nest. This isn’t something a stone-cold robot would do. Blizzard took good care to show us how human his AI is. After all, Blizzard has crafted a world in Overwatch with robots that are prime socio-political speakers. We saw that in the Widowmaker/Tracer short.

The Bastion short shows us a flashback of a war with the Omnics and the humans. In this scene Bastion sees the horrors of war. He marches on toward a directive displayed on his hud. This directive implies that his mission was to attack the far off city in the short. By the end of the trailer though, Bastion doesn’t want that. He chooses to stay in the wilderness and help his bird friend build a nest.

The short had me choke up a bit and I ultimately love Blizzard for moments like this. But, on a bigger note…more games and cut-scenes need this. Doom (2016) featured a mute marine who conveyed his emotions in fist-bumps with little dolls of himself. The Doom-Guy punched things and broke things. It was very clear he was an angry character. It made the player feel the hate seething within him. I knew the protagonist of that game way better than I knew Master Chief in the Halo series. That may seem like I’m stretching it, but I’m not. I felt more engrossed in the game playing as the Doom-Guy rather than I did with the Chief. Sometimes less words say more about a character than a full script does.

The same kind of non-verbal communication can be found in Blizzard’s other shorts. The animations are top-notch and will make you feel something. It makes me have an appreciation for all of the characters. Games that attempt to have as many characters as Overwatch just don’t feel lived-in enough. Paladins, a game done by the same group that did Smite, is one such game and I guarantee you that if you played a match of that and then looked at Overwatch you would know exactly what I mean. The characters in Overwatch feel like characters. The characters in other multiplayer games just feel like classes that I’m using in a game.

A Beginner Plays Ocarina of Time 3D–Part 1

I haven’t played much Zelda. I know about how games like Dark Souls borrows conventions from the titles, but I’ve never actually played a Zelda game to completion. I’ve played Bloodborne to completion and it is easily on my list of top ten video games. I have, however, played a tiny bit of Skyward Sword. Now…I didn’t get too far in it simply because there were other games I was playing. Having said that, I’ve always wanted to get into Zelda. One does not, however, just “get into” Zelda. I don’t think it’s a game for everybody. So…I postponed my playing of any Zelda games until I got a 2DS for my recent birthday. I ended up getting Ocarina of Time 3D shortly after. This is my experience playing through the first dungeon.

LOZ experience 1.png

Obviously…I was pretty new to the game. I had no clue where my sword was and I kept going into the Lost Woods to look for a shield. Eventually I did find these things, but I honestly kept returning to the Lost Woods because of the music.

                 OH GOD THAT MUSIC.

I was really weary about purchasing the shield from the shop in the starting area, but since the game definitely doesn’t hold your hand I decided just to go with it. Very few games I play as of recent don’t like to let your hand go. Ocarina of Time does a great job of dropping you into a world and letting you play. It’s a thoughtful design choice and one that ultimately I will look for in other games when I go to review them.

And then there is this guy….


Mido…you’re a grouch. I really hope I don’t have to deal with your grouchy and judgmental ass again.

Oh…there is also the Deku Tree. Apparently Link is being summoned and he finally got his fairy. The Deku Tree has also been cursed and Link is called to cleanse the curse. The lore is fascinating and I want to learn more because I was instantly drawn in. There was no introduction of what or who link was and it felt like a lived-in world. I’m pretty sure the game will keep this up.

After arriving to the Deku Tree I had to go through the first dungeon. This first dungeon taught me a lot of gameplay mechanics, but it taught them to me at an amazing pace. Getting through the dungeon with a torch and a slingshot felt great! Upon slaying the first boss I was elated. I did die two or three times, but it mainly had to do with how unfamiliar I am with the controls on the 2DS. After getting out I was saddened to learn the Deku Tree’s fate was already sealed.

LOZ experience 2.png

Overall, I’m looking forward to playing more and I can’t wait to type out more of my experience.

Anything you’d like to share about your Zelda experiences?

Yooka-Laylee Trailer Looks Like a Great Platforming Experience

It has been years since I’ve played a platforming experience that I found fun. Yooka-Laylee has been capturing my attention ever since I discovered it. I think it looks excellent because it encapsulates what made Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter good. Seeing the levels detailed in this trailer and the diverse gameplay really makes me want this game today. Yooka-Laylee looks to be a game I might pick up day-one if everything goes right with it. So far, I think everything is going right. I definitely appreciate that this is coming to PC.

Metal Gear Survive Trailer Isn’t What Fans Want

What in the hell is this? Konami, does this look like a Metal Gear game that fans are going to enjoy or is it a cash-grab? Is this the way you recuperate the money Kojima spent on MGSV? I would rather have a chance to get the third act of MGSV or even the music that didn’t make it into MGSV.

Metal Gear Survive looks to be a very plain idea for a Metal Gear game. I hesitate to even call it a Metal Gear game. The dislike bar on YouTube indicates that people are not very happy with this. I can understand why. This is stomping on a beloved series. The way Metal Gear Survive has been pitched labels it as just an unoriginal co-op zombie game. It does look like the game has some sort of story, but I don’t know what to make of it. There is a wormhole in the trailer and it is in an alternate timeline?

Part of me does remain somewhat hopeful. If Konami were smart they might make this a fun purgatory tale. But, with how the trailer makes it look I can’t be too hopeful. This is basically what happened with Umbrella Corps. I’m feel so sad that Kojima’s art has now become this. What the fuck, Konami?



Any thoughts?